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All-terrain solution provider specializing in silicon PU stadiums, plastic runway materials, research and development, production, sales, construction, and after-sales service

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12 years of focus on materials for runway stadiums, pioneers of materials for environmentally friendly sports fields in China

Accurate and reliable, customer satisfaction as the goal, service improvement first class

  • Environmental protection

    Concerned about whether the glue, topcoat, and particles pass the deep standard * superscript detection requirements
  • life

    The service life of the runway court is more than 8 years, no particles, no fade, strong wear resistance
  • Crack

    Using environmentally friendly single-component glue, special construction treatment, strong adhesion and high elasticity
  • construction

    Can be contracted for materials and materials can be purchased separately, according to their own needs
  • Cost-effective

    Manufacturers ship directly, refuse middlemen to make the difference, and profits benefit customers

Comprehensive strength

Years of industry experience, focusing on environmental protection floor design, production, sales, installation, maintenance, northwest large-scale production base, with an annual output of more than 50,000 tons of materials

Technical strength

Material safety: pass the organization inspection, select raw materials, environmental protection safety; production safety: core technology, automated production line, strict quality control, make products qualified.

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Efficient construction

The company has a professional and stable construction team, and the construction technology of each product has been strictly and professionally trained; efficient construction, careful and meticulous, and beautiful construction quality;

Complete variety

Customized production of various types of plastic flooring, sports flooring, kindergarten flooring, rubber flooring and other products for our customers, with a wide variety to fully meet the actual needs of customers in different industries.

Worry-free after sales

Respond to the customer within 15 minutes after receiving the after-sales call; strict after-sales complaint and supervision mechanism to ensure the company's after-sales personnel service

Our service process

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "qualified quality, reputation first, and thoughtful service", and strictly implements national standards and construction specifications.

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  • Site surveySite survey

  • Provide sample constructionProvide sample construction

  • Construction planConstruction plan

  • signing the contractsigning the contract

  • Approach constructionApproach construction

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