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       Gansu Sinan Sports Cheng Construction Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the laying of sports venues and related sports facilities. Sinan has the planning and design of standard plastic track and field venues, standard basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, sports facilities, basic construction, construction of plastic materials and artificial turf, and installation and construction of sports facilities.

       The types of plastic products include hybrid, composite, breathable, prefabricated plastic runways, silicon PU courts, indoor plastic sports floors, and kindergarten EPDM particles. Construction of sports venues; at the same time provide installation and supporting services for sports courts, stadium lights, sports equipment, and other auxiliary facilities. We have an experienced, skilled and well-qualified construction team and first-class site construction talents. With planning, design, construction and after-sales service, rich construction experience and superb professional technology, our company can combine the actual requirements of customers when facing various construction sites, so that customers can truly experience thoughtful, considerate and meticulous. service. In order to guarantee the construction quality, the safety production guarantee system and the target management system. The company strictly controls the quality of raw materials and has complete construction machinery. Is your trusted partner! Sinan Sports, focus on changing lives!