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  • Yearly Maintenance Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf

    Nov 30, 2018· These will ensure that your sports ground is comfortable to play on throughout the season. You might want to hire a professional sports turf manager to oversee these maintenance procedures. Contact Commonwealth Sports Turf Services for professional advice regards sports ground maintenance.
  • Yearly Maintenance Archives Page 3 of 3 CW Sports Turf

    May 19, 2014· A slice or slit seeder combines both processes which can be a time and money saver, especially for heavily used sports turf fields. Overseeding is a critical part of maintaining healthy, green sports turf.
  • maintenance Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf Services

    Sports turf can be used to cover high school football fields, large soccer complexes, and even golf courses. While a game can’t always be perfect, the turf always can. What some might just see as grass, any athlete knows differently that it can help to make or break the game. Proper upkeep for sports turf can immensely change the game.
  • turf maintenance Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf

    Use a professional company that is committed to proper maintenance and knows what they are doing. It will save many headaches and give you the piece of mind that your investment is being used to the best of its ability. If you want to learn more you can visit sportsturfonline.org or give Commonwealth Sports Turf Services a call today!
  • overseeding Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf Services

    Sep 30, 2016· A slice or slit seeder combines both processes which can be a time and money saver, especially for heavily used sports turf fields. Overseeding is a critical part of maintaining healthy, green sports turf.
  • Seeding Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf Services

    Sep 30, 2016· December 21, 2014 / in Seeding, Sports Turf, Yearly Maintenance / by Keith Kitchen Athletic fields use a specific type of turf that gives them a compression and static response when athletes take falls, hits or stumbles as they engage in the sport’s the fields are laid out and designed for.
  • aeration Archives Commonwealth Sports Turf Services

    Ensuring athlete safety starts from the ground up, and the aerator services of Commonwealth Sports Turf Services are indispensable in this aspect of turf maintenance. Since the type of aeration often determines the effectiveness of turf treatment, Commonwealth Sports Turf Services utilizes the John Deere Aercore, which pulls three to four inch cores on two by two spacing.
  • SportsField Management formerly SportsTurf

    SportsField Management magazine formerly SportsTurf magazine is the official publication of the Sports Turf Managers Association.
  • Athletic Fields – Virginia Recreation and Park Society

    Mar 16, 2020· The Virginia Recreation and Park Society is a private, non-profit professional organization, founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1956. Its purpose is to unite all professionals, students, and interested lay persons engaged in the field of recreation, parks and other leisure services in the Commonwealth of Virginia, into one body.
  • Professional Turfgrass Management — Center

    According to the most recent Pennsylvania turfgrass survey, 2 million acres of turfgrass are maintained in the Commonwealth and approximately 1.4 billion dollars are spent annually on turfgrass establishment and maintenance. To help meet the demands of this large and growing industry, the turfgrass extension program provides services for individuals who make their living managing lawns, golf...

    When annual grassy weeds are anticipated in established turf, control with pre-emergent annual grass herbicides, such as, benefm, pendimethalin, prodiamine, dacthal, oxadiazon, and dithiopyr. Annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, begin to germinate when the soil tem-perature in the vicinity of the seed has been 55°F for five consecutive days.
  • Rolling Athletic Fields | Sports Turf Management

    Apr 05, 2016· There are many types of rollers – walk-behind, ride-on, or pull-behind picture, left. Turf rollers should always have rounded edges, to prevent damage to the turf. Rollers come in all sizes and weights, but are typically 300-2,000 lbs in weight or greater – this equates to approx 3-15 lbs per sq.in. psi load applied to the soil surface and is similar in weight to vehicular traffic like...
  • How To Clean Artificial Turf In Gyms and Indoor Sports

    Turf Maintenance: How to Clean and Care for Artificial Turf. Artificial turf has become a must-have item for the elite gyms and indoor facilities.The problem many of these facilities face is cleaning the turf to ensure the health and safety of the athletes that are using it.
  • Athletic Fields Specification outline, construction,

    Production and maintenance of such a turf depend on the kinds of grasses used, proper design and construction, good soil drainage, proper seedbed preparation, adequate fertility, and a maintenance program which recognizes the special nature of the care involved. Prepared by John C. Harper II, professor emeritus of agronomy. Types of Fields
  • HG Sports Turf | Australian Sports Turf

    HG Sports Turf are market leaders in the design, construction and maintenance of elite sports fields across Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia. We are a forward thinking company, constantly striving for the best possible solutions available in natural, synthetic or hybrid turf through innovation, proven technology and our...
  • Completion of turf installation at Leon High School set

    Apr 21, 2020· Completion of turf installation at Leon High School set for mid-June. New public-funded playing surface serves as an investment to offset expensive yearly maintenance fees
  • Turf Equipment Technician/Shop Manager jobs

    Parks Chief Mechanic Texas Rangers Golf Club JOB SUMMARY: $20-$26/hour Under general direction, manages a complex shop operation and records system and plans, schedules, and supervises the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of fleet, field, turf and handheld equipment utilized by the Texas Rangers Golf Club ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS...
  • Annual Bluegrass | Turfgrass Science at Purdue University

    Biology: Annual bluegrass, commonly referred to by its scientific name Poa annua sometimes pronounced Po anna on TV, is a winter annual grass that is a difficult-to-control weed in turf.Seeds germinate in late summer, early autumn, and spring. Annual bluegrass is found throughout the United States, particularly in highly compacted, excessively wet soils.
  • What Should I Do Annually to My Husqvarna Riding Mower

    What Should I Do Annually to My Husqvarna Riding Mower?. Your Husqvarna riding lawnmower is quite possibly your largest investment for your landscape. Like all investments, it requires a dedicated...
  • Covid 19 paturf.org

    Western Turf Conference & Trade Show. 910 Sheraton Drive... • DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh Mars, PA 16046. 02/26/2020 8:00 AM 02/26/2020 3:30 PM
  • Synthetic Turf Questions and Answers | Systemwide Plans

    Synthetic Turf Questions and Answers Evaluating Synthetic Turf and Infill Sports Fields | July 2016. Portland Parks & Recreation PP&R is responsible for providing all Portlanders with recreational opportunities that are safe and reliable.