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Synthetic Turf Maintenance Basics Sportsfield Management

  • Synthetic Turf in Perth now up to 50 deg Cooler

    Oct 20, 2015· HydroChill Infill – Cooling your Synthetic Turf by up to 50 deg. Why Install HydroChill with your artificial grass?. In the past, the surface temperature of synthetic lawns was always a concern. While fake grass is great for combating harsh, dry, hot climates, high temperatures can cause the surface of the grass to require frequent rinses with water to stay cool.
  • Cooler Australian made Artificial Grass this week in Perth

    Now, however, All Seasons Synthetic Turf have a solution in HydroChill, which allows you to enjoy your synthetic lawn any time of day or year. HydoChill can reduce the surface temperature of fake grass, synthetic putting greens, sports surfaces by more as much as 50 degrees, making artificial lawn viable in even the harsh Australian climate.
  • Artificial Grass Cooling: Can You Keep Your Turf Cool?

    TCool is the only warrantied synthetic grass system that helps to reduce the synthetic turf temperature by 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The new technology has been developed through years of extended research and real-world testing.


  • We have the Products to keep your Artificial Grass Cool

    Our New synthetic turf cooling system can reduce temperatures by 50° The newest patented product infill taking the industry by storm, HydroChill® Turf Chiller patented technology has been developed through years of turf system research. This special infill will lower the surface temperature of the artificial grass by 30 to 50 degrees!
  • TCool Technology Keeps Turf 50 Degrees Cooler Synthetic

    TCool synthetic turf cooling technology. Principle of evaporative cooling. 4103 1770. Keeping synthetic turf systems cool and comfortable during warm summer months is the number one industry question. Introducing T o Cool Evaporative Cooling Technology that keeps the turf temperature down up to 50 o F. The thermoplastic, or PE, the primary material used to manufacture the turf, absorbs

    HydroChill Infill – Cooling your Synthetic Turf by up to 50 deg... HydroChill is the most impactful product for combating the harsh heat in Perth in the history of artificial grass.... We now have a synthetic turf product designed to be cool in summer. READ MORE.
  • KoolMax Technology Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf

    KoolMax synthetic turf cooling technology keeps surface at 15 degrees lower temperature. 2447 3160. It looks like natural grass, but the turf manufactured by Global Syn-Turf has been the setting of many milestones of an innovative cooling technology that became to be the part of our landscape. Research and testing have shown that a KoolMax synthetic grass system can keep the surface
  • Hydrochill All Seasons Synthetic Turf

    Now, however, All Seasons Synthetic Turf has a solution in HydroChill™, which allows you to enjoy your synthetic lawn any time of the day or year. HydroChill™ can reduce the surface temperature of residential synthetic grass, synthetic putting greens and sports surfaces by as much as 28 degrees, making artificial lawn viable in even the harsh Australian climate.
  • All Seasons Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Perth

    Can you get Australian Made Buffalo type Synthetic Turf Introducing Buffalo 35mm to All Seasons Synthetic Turf Range We often get asked for a Buffalo style synthetic grass, as customers want their new lawn to blend in with neighbouring real lawns or they want to match the lawn real lawn
  • Tauro Turf Artificial Grass Perth- Exclusive Range

    We have worked hard to design a natural looking range of synthetic turf for Western Australia. As well as soft, realistic colours, our artificial grass has been built to withstand the Perth summers with high UV stabilisation properties built in to all of our artificial grasses.
  • New Technology Addresses Heat Of Synthetic Turf Fields

    With nearly 20,000 synthetic turf fields in the U.S., and with approximately 1,500 new fields built each year, thousands of athletes, coaches, and officials must cope with oppressive, dangerous heat that consistently exceeds 140 degrees – and often reaches the 160 degrees – during the spring, summer, and early fall seasons.
  • About TigerCool® Turf | Synthetic Grass Warehouse

    Synthetic Grass Warehouse is proud to introduce TigerCool® Heat Reflective HR technology, the latest in artificial turf cooling improvements. Created by Tencate, a worldwide innovator of space-age yarns for NASA and Boeing, TigerCool® yarns are engineered with heat reflective color pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface...
  • Synthetic Grass for Sports Fields & Training Global Syn-Turf

    Global Syn-Turfs Trainers Turf-63, Super Field-S, and Super Field-F are specially designed for sports and recreation use. These turf options are constructed with the best qualities and features of synthetic grass for optimum athletic performance. With a higher pile height, polyethylene monofilament and infill layer, Global Syn-Turfs performance turfs offer exceptional traction and force...
  • Tauro Turf Artificial Grass Perth- Exclusive Range

    The warranty on our landscape range of synthetic turf is 8 years. This covers our artificial grass against fading and loss of integrity caused by normal exposure to the sun, as well as any fault in manufacture. Read more about our Tauro Turf Warranty.
  • WA's Coolest Turf All Seasons Commercial Synthetic Turf

    HydroChill™ can reduce synthetic turf temperatures by up to 28 deg C! First of all a little information on what HydroChill™ is and what benefit it is to you the customer wanting synthetic turf but worried about the heat. HydroChill™ is a cooling technology infill that is installed in addition to the sand infill that [ ]
  • Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf Cost Prices Per Metre

    A simple re-hydration is all you need to keep your fake lawn cool, synthetic turf is a smart sustainable solution that is now better than ever. All Seasons Synthetic Turf is proudly 100% Australian made and only uses APT Yarn, Australia’s only Yarn manufacturer.
  • Catalina Turf Rolls | Cool Artificial Turf | Fake Grass

    Another great quality about this artificial grass is that it is cooler than standard turf products on the market today. With patented cool yarn technology, this turf is about as cool as natural grass. This means you can actually lay out on your new lawn even in the middle of summer. A 15-year warranty backs our Catalina Turf Rolls.
  • Surface Temperature of Synthetic Turf

    Surface Temperature of Synthetic Turf.... Kandelin et al., 1976) –Surface temperatures up to 50° F higher than natural grass. Penn State’s Center for Sports Surface Research. Penn State’s Center for Sports Surface Research Children less able to adapt, –Temperatures remained 10 degrees cooler
  • Artificial Grass Finance & Payment Plan, 12 Mths Intrst Free

    *Credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply including a $99 Annual Fee charged on the account open date and subsequently on the anniversary of the account open date. Up to 55 days Interest Free is available on all Once Agile card purchases excluding cash withdrawals, when you pay, by the payment due date, the amount identified in your statement as the ‘optional...
  • Artificial Grass & Turf | Costco

    Artificial Grass has come a long way since the 1960s. This easily maintained lawn-alternative is more durable, flexible, and realistic looking. And while folks will always say the grass is greener on the other side, the truth of the matter is, there are some real perks to replacing your lawn with artificial grass.
  • Natural Grass Lawns | Turf It

    Natural Grass Lawns All our lawns are grown locally in Perth and suitable for all Western Australian conditions. We offer a range of varieties to suit any turf requirement, including varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu and Empire Zoysia, Tiftuf, Velvetene....
  • All Seasons Synthetic Turf Perth and now Melbourne Too

    All Seasons Synthetic Turf are very proud to anounce the opening of our new office/showroom in Cheltenham, Melbourne. Due to the high demand for our superior quality Australian made products Australia wide, we have opened in Melbourne.
  • Fake or natural: the battle for suburban lawns ABC News

    He says synthetic lawn in full sun can reach temperatures of up to 75 and 80 degrees compared to natural lawn which reaches a maximum of 29.... Perth now treats synthetic turf under the same...
  • All About Synthetic Turf Rockingham, Western Australia

    All About Synthetic Turf All About Synthetic Turf Perth is a front runner Perth Synthetic Turf supply and install business, based in Perth Western Australia. Whether you are north or south of Perth we have it covered. We have access to the best turfs in W.A at very affordable prices. They have a