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Position: Sales Representative

Position Responsibilities:
1. Understand and guide customer needs, and recommend company products to customers based on the actual situation of the customer;
2. Complete the monthly and annual task indicators independently while improving industry competitiveness;
3. Responsible for customer follow-up And in-depth mining customer needs, provide reasonable suggestions and sales plans, and ultimately reach sales;
4. Responsible for the development of new customer resources and maintenance work with old customers;
5. Implement and implement the company's sales policies and processes;
6. Effective summary Sales experience and actively share. Job

1. College degree or above, more than one year of sales experience;
2. Good self-management ability, continuous self-motivation and constant self-challenge.
3. Familiar with the sports industry and those who understand sports-related industries are preferred.
4. Ability to travel on business.
Provide a complete training mechanism and follow-up follow-up for employees who have not been engaged in the sports industry.